Software Development

I'm a seasoned Software Developer and Technologist who's worked in various industries with both large and small companies. I've primarily worked with the Microsoft stack using C# and ASP.NET MVC / Web API but I also try to stay up to date with other frameworks and languages. I've considered switching to other platforms as my main focus but since ASP.NET Core is here and I can develop on my Mac and run code anywhere (not on Windows...) I've remained focused on the .NET framework and starting to dip my toes into contributing with helping improve the MVC framework.

SEO & Growth Marketing

Due to various roles and opportunities I've gained experience in Technical Growth Marketing; specifically Search & Social Optimization techniques used to grow organic inbound traffic and Organic Social Marketing Optimization & Automation. Where I can fit well into the mix is as a very technical growth marketer focused on identifying opportunities to increase traffic through organic channels and making code level system changes to assist with both improving SEO, Social Media automation, and simplifying / correcting / utilizing Analytics for site changes and marketing efforts.


I enjoy photography a lot! I've been into it off and on for years. I started in high school shooting black & whites developing in a small simple dark room and now I shoot with a DSLR and only use Lightroom for simple tweaks to the photos. I mostly enjoy night photography, portraits, nature, cityscapes, food & cocktails, and the occasional action shots of kiteboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, and live music.


Kiteboarding is my main alternative sport of choice. I grew up skateboarding (and still skate almost every day), then moved into snowboarding as a teenager, but didn't find kiteboarding until I moved to Boston. I've now been kiting for several years and enjoy getting out on the water as often as I can. I've traveled around the US kiteboarding a lot and I've kited 18 of the 23 the coastal states. I hope to finish all of them at some point!


I'm a Upright Bassist. I started out as mostly a Jazz bassist and lately I've moved more into progressive Bluegrass but I play many different styles. Lately you can catch me at the Lucky Horseshoe in SF at the Sunday afternoon Bluegrass Jam. I took playing music much more seriously before going to college and unfortunately put it down for a while but now I'm focusing on it again! I'm currently looking for players in SF that want to join at jams or put together either a Jazz or Bluegrass group to gig around town. Hit me up if you're a player and want to meet up.

Hire Me!!!

I'm always open to new work. From Consulting & Contracting to custom system design and development or maybe you need a Photographer or Jazz Trio for an event. I'm always open for new work and happy to talk with anyone looking for a solution to a problem I can help solve. Send me an email and let me know what you're looking for. I'm also open to considering full-time roles and can send my resume upon request.