Software Development

I've been a Software Developer and Technologist for over 10 years and have worked in various industries with both large and small companies. I've primarily worked with the Microsoft using C# and ASP.NET. I've worked with ASP.NET MVC from the days of it's pre-release beta as well as WebForms but these days I try to only work with MVC. I'm excited to see Microsoft continue to push .NET to be an Open Source platform and I'm very excited for the release of ASP.NET 5 and being able to develop natively on my Mac!

SEO & Growth Marketing

Over the years working for .coms I've grown more and more interested in technical marketing. Specifically Search & Social Optimization techniques used to grow organic inbound traffic. I think the area of Growth Hacking is interesting but unfortunately it's often an overused buzzword. Where I fit into the mix is as a very technical marketer focusing on identifying opportunities to increase traffic through organic channels and making code level changes to assist with both improving SEO, Social Media Automation, and simplifying / correcting / utilizing Analytics for site changes and marketing efforts.


I photograph for fun and for work. I mostly enjoy "in the wild" product photography for use on Social Media and also take a lot of Cocktail Photos in and around the many great bars in Boston. I also enjoy night photography, portraits, and the occasional action shots of kiteboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, and live music.


Kitesurfing is my current alternative sport of choice. I grew up skateboarding and then snowboarding and found kiteboarding when I moved to Boston. I've been kiting now for almost 10 years and enjoy getting out on the water as often as I can. I've traveled around the US kiteboarding a lot and have kiteboarded almost all the coastal states. I hope to finish all 18 states in the next few years.

Ignore DS_Store and Icon files in GIT on Mac OSX

Published: 12/26/2015

I've been moving to developing more on my Mac instead of under Windows and wanted to share this little tip for those that might need it. Mac has hidden files like any other OS and a few that seem to creep into GIT repositories are DS_Store and the Icon file for a folder. These can be ignored for all your GIT repositories using the following command.

    >> printf ".DS_Store\nIcon\r\r" > ~/.gitignore_global
    >> git config --global[...]

Exclude Internal Traffic from Google Analytics for Shopify

Published: 8/25/2015

A common issue with most websites is inflated direct traffic due to website owners or employees visiting the site on a regular basis. There are several options for how to filter traffic in Google Analytics including using the user's IP Address, Network Domain, or Custom Dimension. The simplest solution is to filter by IP Address but if you are like most nomadic workers and don't have a consistent Office or IP address this results in creating and editing filters all the time. That's a pain! A[...]

Create Google Analytics Filter using Apps Script

Published: 8/3/2015

If you've ever managed Google Analytics for a site you know Referrer Spam can really over inflate your visits and as a result really mess up your Bounce Rates, Conversion Rates, and more. There are tons of article out there on how to fight referrer spammers and several techniques. I typically rely on creating filters in Google Analytics and applying them to my views. This can be very time consuming if you try to manage it[...]

Sheets to Tweets Apps Script Details

Published: 7/3/2015

To simplify the original post and to make steps a little simpler I'm moving the details on the Apps Script that runs behind the Sheets to Tweets Twitter Scheduler to this post.

The script relies on one external LIbrary, Twitter Lib. Twitter Lib is a Google Apps Script maintained by Bradley Momberg. I originally started by writing[...]

Free Twitter Scheduler using Google Sheets

Published: 7/3/2015

If you're serious about Social Media then you probably already use some type of scheduling to handle some of your status updates. For years I've used Hootsuite for scheduling status updates but it doesn't really do what I want. What I'd rather have is a scheduling option based on Google Sheets so I can easily manage social media posts alongside my other Google Sheets based SEO and marketing tools and reports. Here are my requirements for what[...]