Alternate Row Background Color within a Group

How to create Background Color for Alternating Rows within a Group in Reporting Services

A typical report enhancement is to provide alternating row background colors for a table within Reporting Services. This is pretty easy if you have a simple table with no groupings. Just use the following expression in the row BackGroundColor property:

= IIF(RowNumber(Nothing) Mod 2, "Gainsboro", "White")

This becomes a little more tricky when you have groupings involved. But thanks to Chris Hays and his Reporting Services Sleazy Hacks I found how to do alternating row colors at the group level. Use this expression for the details row within a group:

= IIF(RunningValue(Fields!Some_Field.Value, CountDistinct, "Group_Name") Mod 2, "Gainsboro", "White")

For this you need to use the field you are grouping the details row on and for "Group_Name" use the parent group for that details section. I'm sure this can be done with multiple groups in a table but I haven't tried it yet.

Good luck and happy Reporting Services Hacking! :)

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