Boston Public Garden Swan Boats

Photos of the Public Garden Swan Boats being delivered by Daley & Wanzer

The Public Garden Swan Boats are an icon of Boston and for those that live there a sign that Spring has finally arrived when they show up. I've been lucky enough to catch them being delivered a few times over the years and try to get a photo or two of the trucks as they deliver the boats. The boats are delivered by Daley & Wanzer Movers & Storage using an awesome classic truck. I don't know how long Daley & Wanzer has been delivering the swan boats but it's an annual tradition that I'm sure they don't take lightly.

Here's a photo I took of the boats being delivered April 13, 2016 and I'll find the shots from a few years back when I caught the delivery. Both times were totally by chance that I happened to walk through the park at the right time. Here's to a warm Spring and Summer!