Photos of Historic Boston Statues Covered in Snow

Photos of Boston statues along Commonwealth Ave and Boston Public Garden during the April 4th 2016 Snow Storm.

Today we got what will probably be the last good snowstorm of the season so I decided to take a walk from work through Back Bay to the Public Garden so I could take some photos. The park along Commonwealth is a great walk especially with a blanket of snow covering everything. There are statues every block along the park so I decided to shoot photos of the statues. Here's a collection of photos of statues including the very popular George Washington statue in the Public Garden and some of the lesser known Statues along the Commonwealth Park including Abigail Adams, Gen. John Glover, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, William Lloyd Garrison, and more. Hope you enjoy enjoy the photos and if you share them please give credit to me via a link to this page.